High Carbon Damascus Steel Bracelet 001


Diameter 6.3 cm, opening 3.3 cm, width approx. 1 cm, weight 45 g. ( could be customized )

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a custom Damascus Steel Bracelet with raindrop pattern ( you could choose either twisted, fire storm, ladder, even Feather pattern on it )

how to take care of the bracelet :

You should care for your Damascus Steel Wedding Rings as you would any fine jewelery. Salt water and harsh chemicals should be avoided exposure can make the ring more susceptible to rusting. These rings can be cleaned with ultrasonic, steam or warm water and simple non-abrasive soap. Remember to dry properly and lubricate after cleaning, polish with a soft cloth.

To keep your Damascus Bracelet looking their best:

Don’t wear your rings to the gym or while lifting weights or during any other activity where you will sweat heavily.
Don’t wear your rings in chemically treated water (hot tubs, pools, shower) and never wear any jewelry in salt water.
Remove your rings while using harsh chemicals, doing household chores or yardwork.
Remove your rings while applying makeup, perfumes and lotions.


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